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December 30, 2016 – January 1, 2017

Baby it’s COLD outside!

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Happiness is when Andrew realizes they are staying for a few days – & this is the REAL Wally from Red Sox Games.

On Friday Wally and Molly arrived at the Timmerman household in Omaha, Nebraska. They were very excited to see their new home and get to know everyone and a little bit about the state of Nebraska. Andrew was especially excited to learn they were the same Wally and Molly that are shown during the Red Sox games. He felt a special bond with them since his middle name is “Fenway”. At one point he asked if he needed to prove it to them buy showing them his birth certificate. I told him they could tell he was telling the truth but if he really wanted to he could. He did just to make sure.

We wanted to take them out immediately and show them everything we do for fun but the weather was a bit cold and Andrew wasn’t feeling up to staying outdoors for a long period of time. At that point we decided to show them around our house and introduce them to some of our other Red Sox friends.

A visit from Super Wally

First, we had them sit take a picture with a State of Nebraska T shirt. Wally wanted to wear it but unfortunately it was way to big. It did give them an idea of how Nebraska was shaped they both wondered if we had lobster? Unfortunately we don’t but we have lots of Corn and really good steak!!

Andrew then introduced both of them to the Build a Bear Wally he got from Boston. This is one of his favorite toys and he wanted to make sure they weren’t afraid of him since he’s so much bigger. I assured him they have no problems with bigger people. (They hung out with Big Papi for over a decade and he’s huge compared to them.) After that both of them helped finish a Lego ship we had been working on. They mentioned seeing ships all the time back home but didn’t think they’d see any in here.

While ship building was fun the real excitement began when Andrew showed them his Giant T Rex dinosaur. At the first they seemed a bit uneasy around him but after a few minutes everyone was fine and continued to play.

Soon they both wandered outside where they found our Jeep and Corvette. They asked to drive both but unfortunately it was just too cold to take the Corvette out. Wally, Molly and Andrew were disappointed but we found a remote control Jeep and they had a blast driving around on it.

The day ended with them helping take down our Christmas tree. They did a great job helping and were very excited about the adventure we had planned for Saturday.

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Molly, Wally and Andrew getting ready for the trip downtown to see the College World Series Statue

Excitement filled the air on Saturday Morning!!! Andrew and my wife and I were going to take Wally and Molly to our downtown district to see TD Ameritrade Park which is where the College World Series is played. Unlike most championships which move every year, Omaha has been the home to the College World Series since 1950. The stadium itself was closed since its winter but the “Road to Omaha” statue is in front of the Stadium and is one of our biggest sports attractions. (Next to the Nebraska Cornhuskers, of course!!)

Wally and Molly were surprised at how large the statue was and were very impressed by the detail it showed. Everyone was excited to head down to the Old Market and see some of the other things unique to our city.

One of the things that is great about the area we were in is the abundance of unique art which can be seen. Paintings, sculptures and wood carvings can all be found. Andrew saw a really cool picture of a robot Octopus that he wanted to get a photo of. He didn’t think Wally and Molly would mind since they’ve seen more sea life than we do here in Nebraska. It made for a great photo!!! Next up we found a carved wooden bear. Everyone was super excited to have a chance to get up close and personal with a life size carnivore. (Especially since it wouldn’t be able to make us a meal.)

Close up of the Molly and Wally on the Art work.

Mr. Toad’s. Nobody but us braving the cold!

Soon we decided to get a snack at the Omaha Cupcake factory. In front of the store is a metal elephant statue. Wally and Molly decided that a ride on an elephant and fresh cupcakes were too good to pass up. As we left we noticed a few other cool spots that Wally and Molly found interesting. “Mr. Toads” and “Ted and Wallys Ice Cream” were two places we had to get pictures at. It was getting late but before we left we wanted to get some pictures by the “John Doe” sculptures. They are painted to represent different art groups. This one focused on music and very colorful. Everyone then decided that we needed to end the day with some hot chocolate.

Wally and Molly guarded our shopping bag and enjoyed a beverage with us before we headed back home.

It was fun day and we looked forward to starting the New Year tomorrow!!!!

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We awoke this morning to a new year with our friends Wally and Molly. After some breakfast and a little relaxing we decided to keep with the baseball theme that worked so well yesterday.

View showing the complete scoreboard and seats from the old stadium!!!

Since we visited the new stadium Wally and Molly wanted to see where the College World Series was played for over 60 years. We made our way to the site where the Rosenblatt stadium used to sit. Even though the stadium was taken down years ago they memorialized it by keeping a miniature diamond that kids (and adults) can play whiffle ball on. The diamond contains the actual seats from the old stadium and several plaques that notate the important role the stadium played in baseball history.

Andrew and his guests had a blast running the bases and playing in the infield. Soon they needed a bit of rest due to being up too late the night before. After taking a small break they played some more and then headed back home.

Upon arriving home everyone grabbed some snacks and settled in to watch some football. We missed the Patriots game while we where out but settled in to watch Green Bay and Detroit. It was a good game and perfect way to end the day.

Everyone is asleep after a long day!!! Andrew was sad to see them leave after a weekend of fun.

Soon it was time for bed and Andrew asked if Wally and Molly could stay in his room since they would be leaving in the morning. We agreed that would be fine and everyone was able to get to bed a little earlier. Our family had a great time with our visitors from Boston and wish them many more adventures as they make there way across the US. They thanked us for showing them around Omaha and told me they would make sure and tell Jerry to visit our state some day!!!

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