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February 24 – February 27 , 2017

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Hooray, Wally and Molly arrived right on schedule. Thankfully they were traveling light, but we were thrilled with the hostess gift they brought. We spent the rest of our first day relaxing and reading comic books in Don’s Comic Book store. We even got to meet Peter Parker. Molly said she was pretty sure that he was actually Spiderman. That is just crazy talk. They got to play with our grandson Matthew who is ready for baseball. He is Slugger’s number one fan and watches his videos on YouTube almost everyday. Matty is only three, but has been going to games since he was 6 months old.

It was an early morning for our guests. We headed to the neighborhood diner called Nita’s. They have the best homemade corn beef hash. We introduced our guests to the staff who wished them well and gave Wally & Molly some ideas of places they should see.

The fog was heavy, but we headed to the coast to check out a few lighthouses. We were very fortunate to have the fog lift for just a little while. Wally and Molly got to see Bug Light which sits just across the harbor from the Portland Peninsula. A short distance away they took a tour of The Southern Maine Community College. Keaton grabbed a trash bag and we all picked up trash on our way to see Spring Point Light, which is on the campus. Wally and Molly were so sweet holding hands to help each other walk out on the big rocks. They could have easily slipped down into the gaps. We got to see the fog come back across Casco Bay and completely hide the islands and even the lighthouse. We got a text from our friends Mark & Karen asking if we wanted to meet for lunch, so we met up at Kon Asian Bistro for lunch.

Wally & Molly are amazing with chopsticks and even had a fan stop by our table to say Hi (I think it was Hi). He was hard to understand and was staggering all over the place. I guess you can do that when you are 16 months old. After lunch, we headed up to Yarmouth to see the World’s Largest Globe at Garmin. They were closed so we had to settle for a picture taken from outside. I think you can see from the photo that it is impressive. Wally and Molly asked if we were close to LLBean. We told them you have to pass the BFI first. They were a little puzzled, so we pointed out Big Freeport Indian to them. This landmark is known by all the locals and is a sure sign you are getting close to LLBean territory. After finding a place to park, we had to wait in line to take a picture with the Big Boot. It is almost as tall as the building. Molly was wondering if it belonged to Paul Bunyan. Wally wanted to find a pair of boots to fit him. As you can see from the pictures, they are too big for our friends.

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We had a quiet morning getting ready for church. Wally & Molly opted to spend the morning at home because Don and Jen were both teaching a class. They needed to rest up for the busy evening we had planned. Wally & Molly got to go to an Oscar Party at Smitty’s Cinema in Biddeford. It was even on the evening news, but they were both a little camera shy. We got a few pictures, but they didn’t want to talk to the press. Don and Jen had been collecting Prom dresses for the Cinderella Project for the whole year. The Cinderella Projects gives Prom Dresses to girls who otherwise couldn’t afford one. It is such a worthwhile cause. We hope to see the girls pick out their dresses later this month.

Today we took a trip to Hadlock Field. Home of the Portland Sea Dogs, who are the Double-A affiliate of the Red Sox. Slugger was out for the day so we didn’t get to visit with him. We paid off our account and got our season tickets. Wally and Molly climbed right into the box for a photo op. Sometimes waiting for the season to start is horrible. We try to keep up with our baseball friends and we go to dinner once a month as a group.

Hi Laurie, Bob, Manny, Jill, Laura, Greg, Amanda, and Bruce we wish you could have met our new friends, Wally and Molly.

The Harmon Family would like to wish everyone a wonderful 2017 baseball season.


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