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February 16 – February 19, 2017

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Welcome to Solon, OH Wally & Molly!

Wally & Molly arrive at the Chanana home in Solon, OH with the Red Sox Flag out!

Shortly after noon on Thursday while eating lunch I heard a rather loud motor type sound coming from outside our front door. Needless to say our dog, Fenway’s Shamrock – Shamrock for short, starting barking up a storm. I went to the front door and got quite the surprise!

On a scooter were Wally & Molly! Yes we were expecting them, but we weren’t quite expecting them to arrive on a motorized scooter. As I was the only one home at the moment I welcomed them in. They were wicked excited when they saw the painting we have that sits on a table in the entry hall and insisted on having their picture taken in front of it.

While waiting for our daughter, Mahima Erin, to get home from school, I introduced Wally & Molly to our daughter’s constant companion – Max. The 3 of them spent the afternoon, under Shamrock’s watchful gaze, just sitting and chatting and getting to know each other.

At 4pm on the dot Mahima arrived home from school. When she entered and saw Wally & Molly there waiting to greet her she let out a yell and gave them a hug immediately. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any time to play as Mahima had a big exam in school on Friday. But Wally & Molly understood and even decided to help her study for her exam.

Mahima arrives and hugs Wally & Molly!

We took a break from studies for a quick supper. Pizza was on the menu for the night and MAN do they love pizza! I think they had four slices a piece.

After supper Wally & Molly lounged around with me quietly while Mahima finished her studying. I filled them in on the plans of what we will be doing during their visit with us here in northeast OH.

It was an early night to bed for everyone unfortunately. The guest room was all ready for them, but Molly & Wally decided they wanted to bunk in with Mahima – which excited her to no end. So they were tucked in, given a kiss and off to sleep they went, dreaming of the adventures they are going to have with the Chanana Family.



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Today’s plans for Wally & Molly had to change a wee bit unfortunately.  Mahima woke up not feeling well, but insisted on going into school to take her exam that Wally & Molly had helped her study for the previous evening.  But before lunch she had to come home.  Wally & Molly were quite understanding that we couldn’t go around our town to show them the sights, but we told them we would for sure still do that.

After a nap, Mahima decided to show Wally & Molly how to make SLIME!  Granted I don’t know why, but they were extremely excited to learn how to do this.  They had to mix glue and other things and then add food coloring to do this.  Did I mention that cleaning glue off of all of them was funny?  Why you ask?  Because as I scrubbed it seemed to tickle them and they couldn’t stop laughing.

Anyway, Molly & Wally had to mix ingredients, then knead and knead it some more.  Eventually they had their finished product.  They did ask if they could bring theirs back with them, but I explained that Miss Trisha & Jerry might not understand it if I allowed it.  So they decided to play with it while they are here.

Since we felt terrible that the afternoon plans of sightseeing were canceled, we decided to take Wally & Molly out to a nice restaurant for supper.   When we went into the garage to leave they noticed a Red Sox mirror on the wall of the garage.  They were rather surprised I think.  Mahima explained to them that Mama (that would be me) likes to have a little something Red Sox in as many rooms as possible – including the garage.  I think they liked that.

Wally & Molly got in the car and Mahima helped them fasten their seatbelts and off we went!  We headed to a lovely little Lebanese restaurant that was close by & we figured let’s all try something new.  Wally & Molly spent quite some time looking at the menu as they couldn’t decide what they wanted to eat.

We all enjoyed the various appetizers we sampled, but I think the favorite thing was the smoothie.  Wally & Molly decided to share a banana-mango smoothie which they finished in record time!  Mr. C, Mahima’s papa, tried to get a lil taste but he wasn’t quick enough.  Then it was on to supper.  Wally was partial to the cranberry-walnut-chicken salad.  He shared that with Mahima and there wasn’t a bit left by the time they were done.  Molly on the other hand decided to share my plate of rice and shish kabobs – delish!

After supper we headed home where we planned on watching a movie and having popcorn.  Unfortunately Mahima had overdone it as she was still under the weather.  So Wally & Molly called it an early night with her – with hopes that the visit would be back on schedule Saturday.

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On Saturday with a family under the weather, all activities were sadly canceled. Wally & Molly were very understanding and went to bed looking forward to today. With the family getting ready for the day, I took a moment to enjoy my morning coffee, with Shamrock looking on.

Wally, Molly, Mahima & I headed to downtown Cleveland for the day. On our way to our first destination we had to go through Playhouse Square. Playhouse Square is a collection of 5 theaters built in the 1920’s. There are also an additional 5 venues that are included in Playhouse Square. The interiors are the same as they were in the 1920’s. They are opulent and represent French, Italian, Greek & European theaters of old. Elaborate staircases, floor to ceiling columns and paintings on the ceilings. This is the largest performing arts center outside of NYC with shows from Broadway, comedians, musical entertainment performing 6 days a week.

One last item about Playhouse Square. In 2014 a chandelier was erected at the intersection of 14th St & Euclid Ave., the area known as the Gateway to Playhouse Square. It is suspended over the intersection and measures 20 feet in height and 17 feet across. It has 4,200 crystals and weighs 6,000 pounds! Whether viewing it during the day with the sun reflecting off the crystals, or at night when it is all lit up, it is quite a sight to see. Oh, and it’s officially the largest outdoor chandelier – so says the Guinness Book of World Records.

Wally, Molly & Mahima in an astronaut space suit.

Crossing through downtown Cleveland we arrived at our first destination of the day, the Great Lakes Science Center. The museum sits on the banks of Lake Erie. It is a completely hands on experience that both kids and adults love going to. There are hundreds of fun experiments kids can do here. Wally & Molly were practically running from exhibit to exhibit. Being a Sunday visit, the place was packed and trying to snap pics with no other children proved to be rather impossible so we were respectful of other parents requests.

Wally, Molly & Mahima INSISTED that we get a picture of them though in a NASA spacesuit so we made sure to do that. They were excited to read up on all the astronauts that are from Ohio. There have been 25 astronauts from OH, with the most famous being John Glenn. They couldn’t believe that those astronauts had a combined 78 flights into space and 3 of them went to the Moon. Molly did say she was going to speak to Jerry Remy & Trisha when she got home to see if they could look into her going up on a shuttle mission to space as it sounds like fun.

After spending a few hours at the Science Center we left to walk to our next stop. But we had to stop to check out the windmill outside of the museum. Standing 150 feet tall this windmill actually produces about 7% of the energy that is needed to operate the museum daily. On a windy day it’s propellers move so fast it’s amazing to see.

Next door, across a grassy plaza is our next stop, the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. This is quite an attraction in Cleveland as people from all around the US and world come here to see memorabilia spanning decades of music. You name it they have it. Handwritten sheet music & lyrics, all kinds of musical instruments used by some of the greatest names in music, their costumes and oh my gosh so much more. Of course you can also hear music playing. Which brings us to Wally. Seems Wally LOVES to dance. Every time he heard music playing he would stop and dance. He attracted quite a bit of attention doing this, and no small amount of applause from the visitors there.

Shamrock & morning coffee

Unfortunately while inside the permanent and special exhibits photography is not allowed so we aren’t able to share with you pictures. BUT, in the common areas of the museum pictures are allowed. Needless to say, when Wally & Molly saw the stage that artist perform on during special times of the year they insisted we take their picture – future rock stars perhaps? They also were fascinated by the cars suspended from the ceiling and decided to take their picture under it, all the while glancing up to make sure it wouldn’t fall on them. I told them that the mirror glass car they were under was from the band U2 that they had used in one of their music videos. On our way up to the 2nd floor Wally went BONKERS when he saw a 15 foot hot dog suspended! He couldn’t believe the size of it. Molly, ever practical, thought the Red Sox should have one of those served in the clubhouse after a Sox game for the players to snack on. Wally on the other hand thought it would be fun if Jerry Remy came to see it as he thought it would be great fun to take a picture of Jerry RIDING the hot dog. This set my daughter Mahima into a fit of giggles.

With our visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame complete, we headed across the walkway along Lake Erie that connects the two museums to the William G. Mather Steamship Museum that is an actual freighter permanently docked on Lake Erie. Unfortunately we found out it is only open from May thru September. Since we only go there during the Summer we didn’t know. But we were able to grab some pics of the exterior to share with everyone. This 618 foot steamship was built in 1925 and traveled the Great Lakes transporting cargo of ore, coal, stones & grains from one locale to another. During her 55 year heyday she was the one of the largest ships on the Great Lakes and was the flagship of the Cleveland-Cliffs fleet. The Mather was featured in the April 28, 1941 issue of Life magazine because she led 13 other freighters across the iced-over Great Lakes to Minnesota to bring much needed iron-ore so that steel could be made for the war effort.

After a fun-filled day in downtown Cleveland we got back in the car and headed the 15 miles back home to relax and rest up so we would be ready for Monday.

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