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February 10 – February 13, 2017

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Jacoby excitedly opening the box!

We woke this morning in Floyds Knobs, Indiana to a beautiful sunny day and a commotion at the front door. We peeked outside and heard muffled voices from inside a small cardboard box. Intrigued, we carried it inside while the contents rustled with excitement, and we opened the flaps with anticipation. As we unsealed the box, two little green monsters jumped out to greet us!

Wally and Molly apologized for waking us up, and explained that they had been passionately discussing pitching prospects and stretching to prepare for the start of Spring Training in a few days. Jacoby, our three-year-old rookie and Red Sox hopeful for the 2035 season, was ecstatic to finally get to meet the real Wally and Molly, directly from their comfy lawn chairs in Jerry Remy’s booth!

Pure Red Sox fan bliss!

He snuggled both of them and welcomed them to our home, introducing them to some of his favorite toys. As they played together, I told them that Jacoby was born just four weeks before the Red Sox won the World Series in 2013, and shared that he has already enjoyed three Boston Sports Championships in his young life. He is our little lucky charm!

We all decided that such an eventful day called for a special breakfast, so we made pancakes, and chatted as we nibbled our food. I explained to Wally and Molly that I was born and raised just outside of Boston, and grew up an avid (or is that rabid?!) Red Sox fan, and I had carried my love of baseball with me as I moved across the Country to the Southwest, and then to the “Crossroads of America” where I now live in an area that locals refer to as “Kentuckiana.” We all giggled at how silly that nickname sounds. We discussed our plans for the day, and then packed our bags for the ride to the Louisville Zoo.

Video: Jacoby meets Wally & Molly
Video: Hanging out with Mr Gorilla

More videos and slideshow of Jacoby’s first day with Wally & Molly at the end!

On the drive, Jacoby spoke up from the backseat and informed me that Wally and Molly weren’t being nice to one another, and he stated that they were going to time-out. After that, I didn’t hear any other complaints from the three-year-old enforcer about their behavior! It was a beautiful day to go see all the animals, and Wally and Molly enjoying soaking in one of our favorite places in Louisville. Wally asked if he could play catch with the lion, but the lion thought he was the ball! After rescuing him from the jaws of the King of the Jungle, we spent a while talking with the Gorillas. Wally and Molly wanted to take lots of pictures, so they could remember the zoo and all the fun things they did.

The Captain has landed! (AKA – Daddy!)

After the zoo, we made a quick trip over to the hairdresser, because Jacoby badly needed a haircut! Wally and Molly sat with him in the special fire engine chair before his appointment started. They were very proud at how brave he was!

On our way home, we saw a spectacular sunset. I told Molly and Wally that some of the best sunsets in this part of the Country are seen from the bridges that cross over the Ohio River, which separates Kentucky and Southern Indiana. We all oooed and ahhhed at the beautiful colors of the sky.

When we got home, we were hungry and tired, and we ate a quick dinner and excitedly waited for Daddy (Chris) to get home! He is a pilot and had been gone on a trip for several days. When he arrived, Wally and Molly hugged their new friend and listened intently as he described his journey. He told them he wished they were staying long enough to take a ride in the cockpit with him, but promised them if they came back someday, he would try to make that happen! Wally asked if Chris could tell him more about being a pilot, but it was late, so we decided to finish that conversation tomorrow!

Jacoby insisted that Wally and Molly sleep in his bed, and they were all excited to have a little sleepover. They giggled and played for a few minutes, but when I checked on them, they had all fallen into a deep sleep, exhausted but happy after our special day.

Video: Roughhousing with the gorillas
Video: Jacoby serenading Wally & Molly

When I woke up on Saturday morning, I overheard Wally, Molly, and Jacoby enthusiastically discussing their plans for the day; which included playing outside, meeting Teddy Ballgame, hearing Daddy’s stories about flying jets, bath time, and a yummy steak dinner. After a quick breakfast, the three friends were eager to get outside and enjoy the unseasonably warm weather.

No trip to Indiana would be complete without spending some time out in the country, so instead of heading over the bridge to the “city” (Louisville, KY), we enjoyed our land. Wally and Molly remarked that they loved having a few acres to run and play on. Wally said that his favorite part of being outside was getting to drive the tractor, and Molly responded that she loved climbing the trees best. Jacoby wanted to take his green friends on the trampoline, and they all giggled as they jumped as high as their little legs would take them, singing “Sweet Caroline” as they bounced.

While they were busy frolicking on the trampoline, I heard a familiar noise from the backyard. I asked Molly and Wally if they wanted to meet Teddy Ballgame. Of course, being die-hard Red Sox fans, they came running and were surprised to be greeted by big doggy kisses. Teddy is our beautiful husky-hybrid, whom I rescued when I lived in New Mexico. He was delighted to meet the little monsters, and he pounced at the opportunity to snuggle and play with them.

Video: Jumping with Jacoby
Video: Dances with Wolves

After digging in the sand and playing on the slide, swings, and rock wall, Wally, Molly, and Jacoby decided that they were ready to come inside. Wally and Molly sat watchfully by as Jacoby took his bath and scrubbed away the layers of hard-earned dirt from hours of play. I had no idea that mascots were such skilled lifeguards!

Captain Wally & First Officer Molly

Everyone had worked up an appetite, so we decided it was time to make dinner. Wally and Molly were very helpful and offered to set the table while I made the salads and Daddy grilled the steaks. We all sat down for a delicious meal, and Wally and Molly quickly cleaned their plates and chatted as we finished eating. Wally told us that he heard that the Red Sox were going to play their first Exhibition game of the season against the Nationals at the United States Naval Academy on April 1st! Daddy was thrilled to hear this, and he revealed that he was a Midshipman at the Academy in Annapolis and served as a Naval Aviator after graduation.

Wally and Molly sat wide-eyed with their monster mouths open as Daddy told them about the 25 combat missions he flew during the Gulf War in the F-14 Tomcat. Daddy chuckled when Wally asked him if his call sign was “Maverick.” Molly and Wally jumped up and down and asked if they could see pictures, so we excused ourselves from the table and went into Daddy’s office to see his “Wall of Honor,” as Mommy likes to call it. She’s very proud of her favorite Fighter Pilot! Daddy let the enthusiastic monsters go for a ride on his F-14, and even let Wally wear his Top hat from his Fighter Squadron.

After playing with their favorite three-year-old for a while, Wally and Molly started yawning and explained that they were very tired from all the excitement, so they headed sleepily upstairs to bed with Jacoby, with the promise of another amazing day ahead.

Video: All Aboard!!

Jacoby for the win!
What a catch!
The Jacoby Jig
Speed Racer

More videos and slideshow of Jacoby’s first day with Wally & Molly at the end!

Riders Up!

Sunday morning, I awoke to the pitter-patter of little monster feet. I got out of bed and was greeted in the hallway by Wally and Molly, who gave me a big hug and politely requested waffles for brunch. Our favorite mascots have quite the appetite, and they ate three helpings before finally announcing they were full. As we sat and sipped our breakfast tea, we discussed our plans for the day. Molly had told me when she arrived that she loved horses, so we decided to head on over to Churchill Downs.

What do you mean it’s almost time to go?

This was the very first trip to the Twin Spires for Jacoby, Molly, and Wally – so they all insisted we take lots of pictures to document the momentous occasion. We took a few quick shots of the little green friends outside the track, and then headed inside to have a tour. Wally loved seeing the paddock where the famous horses and jockeys prepare for the race before they mount up, Jacoby was excited to run around the Winner’s Circle, and Molly was overcome with joy to meet a beautiful thoroughbred. After hanging out just steps away from the infamous dirt track, we headed into the museum to try on the jockey silks and pretend to ride in our own race. Jacoby was quite the little jockey, and he beat Wally & Molly in a photo finish! Wally and Molly were very grateful to have experienced such an important piece of Kentucky’s culture, and after immersing ourselves in the home of the most exciting two minutes in sports; we headed back to Indiana.

On the way home, we realized that this was the first Sunday since the summer without any football. Wally and Molly stated emphatically that this was unacceptable, so they discussed it with Jacoby and decided that they wanted to watch the highlights from the Patriot’s amazing Super Bowl win last week. We collected all of the Boston sports mascots and bears and sat down and incredulously watched the historic comeback. Wally and Molly cheered until their voices were hoarse.

Apparently football fandom makes all kinds of monsters hyper, so our three little ones raced around the house playing with Jacoby’s toys. Wally and Molly lamented how much they missed their best friend Jerry, so they decided to spell out a special message for him on Jacoby’s magnet board.

After dinner, the evening’s entertainment was provided by Jacoby the musician, who wrote a new song about Molly and Wally.  After performing, he patiently taught them their ABC’s. Molly and Wally were so tired from our journey that they fell asleep at the table, so we decided it was time to say goodnight.

As I tucked my little monsters into bed, I kissed them all as they snuggled together and told them how much I was looking forward to taking them to a very special place on their last day.

A Message to Jerry
Wally & Molly Song
Teaching the ABC’s
Bedtime for W&M

Monday morning, we awoke to Wally and Molly dancing and singing “Take me out to the ballgame!” We all laughed as they raced around the house squealing with delight that pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training today! As we ate breakfast, we decided that our day definitely needed to be baseball-themed, so we packed our bags to and got ready to go to the Louisville Slugger Museum.

Wally and Molly gasped in awe as we pulled up to the factory and saw the 120-foot bat leaning against the side of the building. Louisville is home to the biggest baseball bat in the whole wide world! Of course, the mini monsters insisted on having their picture taken, and they were dwarfed by the sheer size of the giant bat. We headed inside and were in sports heaven as we took in all the sights and sounds of famous baseball memorabilia. We took a quick tour of the factory and learned all about how baseball bats are made. Sadly, they don’t allow any pictures inside the warehouse – they can’t have little monsters revealing their secrets of the trade!

When we finished the tour, we hung out with baseball legends Ted Williams and Jackie Robinson and talked about the good old days. Wally and Molly even begrudgingly took a photo with Babe Ruth. We tried out the batting cages, sat in the dugout, and even watched a video of Ted Williams hitting. The highlight of our day, however, was getting to hold Big Papi’s bat!! We had to wear special gloves to preserve the historic piece of pine, and we were honored to be able to swing the bat of the amazing #34! After finding a souvenir to commemorate our visit, we took one more picture in front of the giant bat, then headed back to our house.

Slideshow – click for full screen 
Watching Teddy Ballgame
Jacoby Cheering!

When we arrived home, Wally and Molly wanted to spend some more time with their Boston mascot buddies, and they had a blast playing basketball, Red Sox Jenga, and Rock’em Sock’em Robots. Jacoby, Wally, and Molly giggled when they looked up from their fun and saw Daddy kiss Mommy and hand her two-dozen beautiful long-stem roses, and they asked if they could smell the gorgeous, fragrant flowers. I reminded them that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, so we all worked together to decorate and fill goodie bags for Jacoby’s preschool party. Jacoby insisted that we needed to make a card for Mr. Jerry, to thank him for allowing Wally and Molly to visit, and so we put together a goodie bag filled with memories from their trip.

When I noticed Wally starting to yawn, I suggested that we head to bed, because he and Molly have a long day of travel ahead of them. Wally told Jacoby that they are heading to Ohio in the morning to visit another Red Sox family. Wally and Molly sniffled as they hugged and said goodbye to their new friend, and Jacoby snuggled them tight before laying down, each of them drifting off the sleep dreaming of our amazing adventures.

Home-run dance
Keep your eye on the ball!
Slugging in Slow Motions
Boxing with Wally & Molly
Good-bye Wally & Molly
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