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From Today in Sports May 22, 2017

05_22_17 Red Sox try aggressive approach against Athletics

05_22_17 Big Papi receives honorary degree at BU – with pictures

05_22_17 Eduardo Rodriguez comes through when Red Sox need him

05_22_17 Red Sox Notebook – With his teammates scoring, eight innings enough for Eduardo Rodriguez

From Today in Sports May 21, 2017

Boston Globe article – May 22, 1957 – Cleveland girl had fun trying to crash Fenway press box

05_21_17 Boston Globe – A’s have a blast at Red Sox’ expense

05_21_17 Boston Globe – Red Sox are too good to be this average

05_21_17 Boston Globe – Red Sox Notebook – David Price will get another rehab start

05_21_17 Boston Globe – He was a good man, that Steve Palermo. Baseball has lost a giant