April 5, 2016 Post Game Comments and Top Dawg

First game is in the books for the Red Sox and it was a SMASHING success! But don’t let me tell you … check out Jerry’s post game comments and his Top Dawg of the game.  Do you agree or disagree with his choice?  Tell him what your choice would have been – or if you agree with his, by leaving a comment below!

Listen to Jerry’s Post Game Comments

TD 4 5 2016

  • karlkat

    Thanks Jerry.

  • I thought he was going to say David … Ortiz! Love how he held onto the last name for a few seconds. Great game. Great staHT to the season!

  • LChanana

    Have to agree. Price looked great out there. First couple of innings a few pitches worried me, but he warmed out and played brilliantly. Oh and Jerry, first recap of the season under your belt – you knocked it out of the park!