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    Thank you for joining Today in Sports!

    As a member, you have exclusive access to our forums.  A place where you can talk to one another about our beloved Red Sox, sports, music, movies, life in general, or whatever topic you can think of.

    Please use this forum to introduce yourself so we know who you are.  Feel free to share your name, where you live, how long a Sox fan, or whatever it is you want to tell us.


    • Each subject has a heading category, such as MLB Discussion, NFL Discussion, OT Discussion, etc.
    • Inside each heading are the discussion threads to choose from.
    • Once inside the discussion thread you are able to make your post.
    • You can format how you choose, add pictures, etc.
    • At the bottom of your post you should add a tag for easy finding later on!
    • Each discussion will allow you to follow the thread by email too!

    At any time you feel there should be a new category heading created, simply email Trish at and tell her what it is.

    Email Trish if you have any questions or problems in the forum, including reporting inappropriate content or language used by another member.  This is a family friendly forum.  Please be courteous to other paid members.

    Enjoy the forums!

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    Deborah Mill


    Is there a way to have our posts here identify us as everyone knows us? For example, I have always posted as SawxFan in Saybrook…which is how everyone here knows me. I know “the regulars” by similar nom de plume. Although I am quite sure I would recognize many, I would like to be able to recognize all of our ‘Dawgs when they post their comments. (Even my mother never called me Deborah once my christening was over!) I hate to add more work to this launch…but it was On My Mind!!

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    Deborah Mill

    YAY !!!!   You are the best !!! I never expected such a quick response, but I sure do appreciate it! The improvements made will make it so much more fun, and for about the price of one Drive Thru order at McDonalds…It’s a MUCH better bargain!!

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