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Deborah Mill

I expect to be there all 3 days…Barring a threat of a snowstorm again this year ( Which never DID materialize last year!) I was so sorry I listened to those predictions, because I missed Saturday, and I had to work Sunday night…*sigh*

Last year I was able to get Jerry to sign my RemDawg hat while security was trying to get him to stop signing so that the Town Hall Meeting could start! He could not have been nicer! My brother asked security guys to just step aside so he could take a pic. and I snuck in the gap with my hat & sharpie! Jerry smiled and signed it before security forced him to leave so they could get the show started.

We had some great “pick up” conversations throughout the place with anyone wearing “The Colors”.  It was  just one of those times when you strike up conversations with strangers, because you know you have something in common. I am looking forward to all 3 days this year! It’s a lot of fun to be back in  Red Sox Nation during what is usually just post-holiday hibernation time.